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COG’s Christmas 2014 PS4 Buyer’s Guide

Posted Dec 19 by

Here we are at the end of our series with the buyer’s guide for everything worth putting under the tree for the PS4 owner on your list. A little light on exclusives this year the PS4 is prepared to go on a rampage next year with huge titles on the list for 2015 but 2014 wraps up nicely too.

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COG’s Christmas 2014 PC Buyer’s Guide

Posted Dec 12 by

When it comes to PC there are a lot of options out there from games to accessories to custom builds when it comes to Christmas giving. We’ve thrown together a few of our highest recommendations but suffice to say we’ve barely scratched the surface.

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COG’s Christmas 2014 3DS and PS Vita Buyer’s Guide

Posted Dec 10 by

There’s nothing better than being able to game on the go. No matter what kind of gaming you’re into you can find almost every type of experience on Nintendo’s and Sony’s handheld devices. Check out our handy guide if you’re shopping for anyone with a 3DS or PS Vita this holiday.

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