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Release: TBA
Published by: Wargaming
Developed by: Wargaming

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Wargaming E3 booth where I got to sit down and see what they have coming up.

Ever expanding, Wargaming is looking to break into the Latin America market this year and to help them do that, they’re developing World of Warships, and let me tell you, it looked snazzy! Considering they warned me several times it was a very early look, it looked sharp.

While similar to Tanks and Warplanes, Warships is has much bigger maps and the terrain plays a huge part in how you maneuver your fleets around the map since ships aren’t nearly as agile as said tanks or planes. The less manoeuvrability forces you play more strategy as you array your fleet around the map, using your scout drones to see the enemy fleet as you try to capture their ‘base’.

They have their trademark historical authenticity with the ships while offering a variety of classes from the small and fast Cruisers, the jack of all trades Destroyers, the heavy hitting Battleships and the Aircraft Carrier, each with their own abilities that can change the course of a battle in a split second. You also have a good many unlockables from modern aircraft carriers to classic WWII battleships, all impeccably designed with a ton of detail. It looked good, the battle was pretty intense and looked like a lot of fun as they manoeuvred around the field, trading fire with the enemy and, ultimately, being pummeled into oblivion by a battleship using the terrain to hide. A beta is due later this year, so keep your eyes open for it!

I also got my hands on World of Tanks Blitz, the device version for Tanks. With compatibility on a number of devices (tablets and smartphones), Blitz is a streamlined version of Tanks that sets up matches quicker and allows for quicker rematches in the 7 vs. 7 fight to the finish.

When I got to play it, there were more than 90 tanks to choose from and once the match started, I was engaging the enemy in a matter of seconds and the mayhem began! Of course, I don’t have an iPad, so I got absolutely wrecked, but I definitely wanted to play more.

With a late June release date, Blitz is a good addition for anyone looking to take tanks on the go.

Also, keep your eyes out for the World of Tanks World Cup special. It was pretty amusing and looked like a hell of a lot of fun.




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